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Our Story

I started our business four years ago, when my own son who was about to turn three wanted a dinosaur party. I searched the internet and couldn’t find anything, so I created our first party. Like most mother’s I knew that if I was going to spend the money, I wanted the event to be not just entertaining but also educational. The party was a hit, and word got around and I was asked to create the party for others. It was then that I realized there was a demand in the market for educational parties, specifically dinosaur themed parties. My husband and I decided to buy Rocky the big walk around T-Rex and we officially launched Dino Encounters in the fall of 2015.

Over the last four years we have developed several different lines of business. Birthday parties, the Dino Encounters Show with Rocky the T-Rex, our educational events, hands on activity package, museum quality mobile field trips for schools, workshops, school assemblies, camps and after school enrichment programs.

In addition, this year we have diversified from Dinosaurs to include the Ice Age Encounters, Steam Encounters and Mars Encounters. Each of these programs offers the same lines of business as have been developed for the Dinosaur themed items.

The opportunity

We are looking to hire exceptional college students that have an academic interest in science with a career goals of teaching. We have several different types of positions to fill depending on your interest level and skill set. All applicants must pass a Live Scan exam, provide proof of car insurance, have a working cell phone and email address. Applicants must also be in excellent physical shape and able to carry light-medium loads to set up and take down a party, show or event.

What we offer

We offer pay beginning at $13/hr. In addition, we offer flexible work schedules. Most party work is on weekends and educational, shows and events can be either during the week or weekends.

We offer a flexible work schedule to accommodate your needs. As a part time employee you will be able to log into your account on our website and you will see all the positions that you are eligible to work. You can then select which shifts you want and reserve them under your name. Once you have signed on for a job, you can't cancel or switch that assignment without approval. If you fail to show up for a party, educational event or show that you had previously signed up for, you will be immediately terminated. Not showing up without communicating with us in advance won't be acceptable. People pay a lot of money for our events and we can not fail to show up or be late.

We offer you an opportunity to develop and grow your class management skills for prek-8th grade. You will have the opportunity to manage small to very large groups, through presentations, hands on STEAM activities and live stage performances.

Job Titles and Descriptions

Party Assistant: This person will be available to assist with birthday parties on weekends, events, or educational events during the week. This is the position most everyone will start at while you learn to do other positions.

Party Lead: Our parties packages are designed for a child's developmental age. We have a package for 1-3 year olds, 4-6 year olds and 7-10 year olds. Each can also be customized. The Lead person will have mastered all of the content for the various party packages that we offer and be the presenter at a party.

This position also includes managing the relationship with the client and making sure that they have a fantastic party and exceptional experience as our client. Tasks include setting up the party with the assistants, learning the science concepts , dinosaur facts, how to use the props including the various puppets. This team should use appropriate class management techniques to manage the children during the party.

Show Assistant: Our Dino Encounters Show with Rocky the Trex and Friends is a part of the Segerstrom’s Performing Arts Art’s Teach program. We are under contract with them to perform our show for school assemblies at various schools. They require of us that our staff be Live Scanned and audition in person in front of the Segerstrom staff before being allowed to perform the show representing Segerstrom’s. Our script has been thoroughly vetted for content and it aligns with NGSS standards. The indivduals performing the show must follow the script exactly. They must also perform the script in the exact time allowed. This may require adapting the script, cutting content in order to shorten the duration of the performance when necessary if requested by the school. They must be able to adapt with various stage constraints such as space, lighting, indoor, outdoor and be comfortable performing in front of very large, often very loud groups of children ranging from age k-8th grade. Lastly they must know how to set up and take down the props, backdrop, sound system and puppets quickly. The Show Assistant and Show lead must be mature, responsible, very professional. This position will most often be the person assisting the lead person and wearing Rocky the Trex costume.

Show Lead: This person must do all of the same things as the Show Assistant, but they are principally responsible for performing the show and delivering an exceptional experience regardless of circumstance.

At least one person on this team must have passed our training to drive our truck and trailer to the event. Either the assistant or the Lead can be the driver.

Qualifying as a driver increases your hourly rate.

Camp, Workshop, After School Program Assistant: This person would be training to learn all of the curriculum across these products. Become familiar with the crafts, know how to set up and prep for the crafts and practice their class management skills in a STEAM type of lab experience.

Camp, Workshop, After School Program Leader: This person has been trained on all the curriculum and is comfortable leading any of these experiences including the crafts. They have good class management skills in various environments such as indoors in a gym, or outside.

At least one person on this team must have passed our training to drive our truck and trailer to the event. Either the assistant or the Lead can be the driver.

Qualifying as a driver adds $.50 cents per hour to your hourly rate

Event Assistant: in addition to providing events locally in the southern California market, we have a promoter that books our show and activity packages for county and state fairs and shopping malls. These events can require long distance driving and may require over night stays.

This position travels remotely with the Event lead to assist with the loading and unloading at the event. They must be physically fit, and able to move very heavy equipment. They will assist with managing the public so that no one gets injured and our equipment is safe from damage and theft.

Event Lead: Travels remotely with the Event Assistent and assists with the loading and unloading at the event. They must be physically fit, and able to move very heavy equipment. In addition, this person will manage the logistics of the event, manage the cash box and ticketing, manage the on-site client relationship. Keep all equipment safe and secure from damage and theft. They will conduct themselves at all times professionally, responsibly and ethically. This position pays $18/ hr

At least one person on this team must have passed our training to drive our truck and trailer to the event. Either the assistant or the Lead can be the driver. Qualifying as a driver increases your hourly rate

Driver's: this position learns how to drive our trucks that pull our trailers. Must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and clean driving record. This person will make $.50 cents more per hour with any of our regular positions.

To apply

Simply fill out the form and upload your resume. If you don't have a resume, then upload a document that contains a paragraph or two about what you feel qualifies you and describe previous work experience. Describe also what interests you about the position? Do you live science? Children? Etc.

We will review and get back to candidates that have peaked our interest to schedule an interview.