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  • 08/09/2019

    Fantastic experience. Our children loved it and it brought out the child in me. Dino Encounters delivers - dinosaurs! Mic drop. What more can a kid want? 5 Stars all the way. Pros: - Dinosaurs - really, a T-Rex so big it doesn't fit in the backyard? - awesome points++++++ - Hands on activities - lot's to do for the little ones - Keri - the owner worked really hard to make sure this was a great event - Educational - no silly cheap costumes! Cons: - Need a bigger backyard!

    Craig G. Central LA, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 08/08/2019

    Dino Encounters has come to the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library for three years. It is always great. Everyone loves dinosaurs, but this really comes alive. Life size stomping, roaring, eye blinking, chomping dinos arrive. The finale is Rocky the 14 foot long T Rex, who clomps in, poses for pictures, wants his chin scratched by the very brave, and then who stomps back to his trailer accompanied by honking cars on the street. Everyone had a great time and learned something new about dinosaurs.

    Robin R. Pasadena, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 08/07/2019

    I noticed Yelp moved my review to "Not Recommended". That is rather disappointing so I'm trying again: We were so excited to have Dino Encounters visit our home. Our daughter loves dinosaurs and couldn't wait to see them and ride them. Keri and Dino Encounters more than delivered with a T-Rex you can ride and a walking and roaring dinosaur. They did such a fantastic job we may have them back next year. They even have names for all their dinosaurs. Rocky is the walking and roaring dinosaur. He is a blast interacting with the kids

    Stephanie T. Los Angeles, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 08/05/2019

    Wow - great service! We were at a party and across the park we could see dinosaurs! The kids at that party were having a great time. Our host talked to the Dino Encounters staff after they finished the party to see what was involved in bringing the dinosaurs over to us. After a few minutes of discussion they brought out the 15 foot long trex to the delight of our kids. Fantastic job and fantastic service!

    Pete M. San Diego, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 08/03/2019

    We attended a wonderful party today and Dino Encounters provided the entertainment- Dinosuars. There was a ride and plenty of activities which the kept the kids entertained and engaged. I highly recommend Dino Encounters for any group of small children that love dinosaurs.

    Johnathan H. Santa Monica, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 07/31/2019

    We were so excited to have Dino Encounters visit our home. Our daughter loves dinosaurs and couldn't wait to see them and ride them. Keri and Dino Encounters more than delivered with a T-Rex you can ride and a walking and roaring dinosaur. They did such a fantastic job we may have them back next year.

    Stephanie T. Los Angeles, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 07/31/2019

    What an amazing kid's experience. We took our son to see the event at the Basset Place and stayed for hours. He loved building dinosaurs and sorting the dinosaur bones. He got a big kick watching Rebel the Raptor in the stage show. Dino Encounters is definitely worth your time and I highly recommend it to anyone with children who love dinosaurs.

    Patty T. El Paso, TX

    Source: Yelp

  • 07/27/2019

    It was an absolutely amazing adventure for the adults and kids!!! The parents were amazed as were we! the instructors were patient and attentive absolutely amazing thank you thank you thank you. It was like a theme park I could not have asked for more!

    Tricia B. Inglewood, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 05/19/2019

    Amazing!!!! Hands down the best interactive/educational/fun experience for not only kids but adults. Keri you guys are awesome!

    Sophie M. Santa Clarita, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 04/13/2019

    My 1st born son LOVES dinosaurs. If you want your kids to ride on a pretty big dinosaur,.. then this is one of the things to do for a dino themed party. The package we ordered included the animatronic dinosaur that kids could ride. It was abit humerous because kids who said they weren't interested in riding the dinosaur ended up riding the dinosaur. Our package also included searching for toy skeleton dinosaurs. My kids loved digging through and trying to find stuff... they through the hay/dirt everywhere looking for the mini skeleton figurines. I do agree,.. the workers might have had better training. I think if they came in with a game plan on how to entertain us.. it could have been even better. They came in... setup the dinosaur. Kids were riding the dinosaur for about an hour. They setup the digging stations. That lasted for an hour too. Finally they brought in a pet dinosaur to explain to the kids. It definitely was more just one event after another instead of like a learning show.

    Cuong N. Irvine, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 10/02/2018

    A very honest review of my experience hiring Dino Encounters for my son's 3rd bday party. Pros: owner was accommodating to the late RSVP I made. She was responsive. The dinos are cool. Cons: Too much talk and explanation, not enough hands on activities. The kids were very anxious, they wanted to touch the dinos (fyi, some dinos can not be touched). It was too long and not interactive enough. Presenter was not patient enough with the kids, I got complaints from parents saying she was being too harsh. This is not the type of experience I wanted for my guests. I paid for $670 for the entire thing (includes mileage fee) and it put a damper on my party. I do not recommend the activities, probably just stick to renting the dinos themselves. Tips: If you are having the activities make sure to have a good shaded area, no water activities near by.

    Pamela B. LAKE VIEW TER, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 09/17/2018

    Yesterday was my sons 2nd birthday and we had a dino theme party. Keri and her husband are the best they are so personable and friendly. First their costumer service was amazing they always kept in contact with me and just made it easier for me planning my sons birthday , you know planning your kids birthday party you always have to make sure every vendor is on the same page and they just made it one less call because how attentive they are. Second they came to the party and the kids and adults were so amazed on how realistic there dinosaurs look. Also Keri presentation was awesome kids loved it and were so amused with the real fossils and poop ahaha! Lastly Keri and her husband were just very genuine nice people and were a hit at my sons party ! We definitely recommend them to any kids dino birthday party it just adds that bang ! And they were def. the talk of the town ! We love Dino Encounters!!!

    Ariana L. Chula Vista, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 07/13/2018

    Had Dino encounters come to my sons 2nd birthday! The kids loved interacting with Rocky! We had a big party and everyone was able to take pictures with Rocky! Thanks Dino encounters for a great birthday!

    Nyra B. Corona, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 07/02/2018

    WOW. Just wow! Ms Keri and her crew of dinosaurs were incredible. Everyone had the best time and the kids all enjoyed themselves even with the hot weather. When Ms Keri, her helper, and the crew of dinosaurs arrived, they were very considerate and professional. Although there was a very tiny miscommunication, Ms Keri was able to figure it out and arrive at the party earlier than the set time! Ms Keri was super attentive to my daughter (the birthday girl) during the baby triceratops hatching and the interactive show about dinosaurs; she even allowed plenty of time for pictures. Most of the kids were under the age of 4 and were so interested with the whole event aside from the dinosaur rides. Everything from start to finish was more than I could have ever expected from a Dinosaur event company! Everyone was amazed at my daughter's 3rd birthday party but now I need to find out how to top this one next year!

    Yvienne Y. La Mirada, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 05/17/2018

    Our Elementary School had Dino encounters come and do two assemblies and they were AMAZING!! The students were enthralled with all the "real" dinosaurs-they looked fantastic! Of course the T-REX Rocky was the hit!!! Keri is so knowledgeable about dinosaurs-she even taught the teachers a bunch! She is very organized and professional! As a teacher I highly recommend Dino Encounters for your school or party. You won't be disappointed!!! Awesome Job!

    Kathleen C. Hemet, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 04/01/2018

    Dino Encounters ended my grandsons birthday Jurassic Park theme party with a bang.They fought through traffic texting me with updates on ETA every 1/2 hour.Rocky was the hit of the party. Can't say enough about Keri kindness and her husband entertainment with the Q & A during the show.They really do a great job.Thank you guys once again.

    Bruce D. Thousand Oaks, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 07/16/2017

    Dino Encounters came to Pasadena Public Library in July. It was one of the best programs we have EVER had. Rocky is a STAR! He had to walk down the street to get in while cars were screeching to a stop to see the dinosaur on the sidewalk. Keri easily handled a crowd of 150+ and gave them an unforgettable morning. This is a totally unique performance. Everyone of every age loved it.

    Robin R. Pasadena, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 04/13/2017

    My wife found Dino Encounters while researching ideas for my two sons' (ages 3 and 1) joint dinosaur themed birthday party. We were a little bummed that we didn't have enough space at our party for the big dinosaur, BUT even without that, the presentation and activities they provided were awesome! We had a diverse age range of kids from 1 to 13 who were all very captivated by the demonstrations provided which were both educational and loads of fun. The kids got to put together dinosaur bone puzzles, chisel and use other scientific methods to extract dinosaurs from fossil eggs, make shark tooth necklaces, witness a dinosaur egg hatch, and watch a volcano explode. The kids got to take these necklaces and the dinosaurs the excavated home wit them. As I mentioned we didn't have room for the large dinosaur, but they provided two smaller puppets, one of which hatched from the egg which amazed a lot of the young ones. The kids were able to take some cute pictures with the realistic baby dinosaurs. Overall Dino Encounters was worth every penny and helped make our sons' birthday memorable for all. We live in San Diego, so there was some mileage charges, but all reasonable. Our party had a lot of adults too, which caused a lot of ambient conversation noise. At times it was difficult to hear if you weren't close enough, but despite that Keri did a fantastic job interacting with the all kids. I would recommend a quiet space or some kind of microphone and PA system depending on your situation. Another positive, Dino Encounters kept the kiddies so busy, the parents had a nice little break to enjoy the party.

    Aaron A. San Diego, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 04/09/2016

    I found Dino encounters thru Craig's list then came across their website and let me tell you all booking them was the best experience ever!!! I booked then for my sons 5th birthday and I'm sure it'll be one he never forgets! :) I'm huge when it comes to Yelp reviews so I'd thought I'd share some in site for people interested in booking rocky for your next event! :) right when I submitted a request online for info I got a call within 15-20 min!! They're truly the nicest people I've ever met. The kids loved every activity they did and when rocky came it was 20xs more enjoyable! Bottom line I could guarantee you would not be disappointed!! Thank you sssooooooo much again Dino encounters!!

    Crystal S. Whittier, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 03/30/2016

    We had "Rocky" at a corporate event last week and every adult there had a great time. Rocky posed with the staff for Selfies and put a lot of smiles on everyone face. Rocky isn't just for kids. We would not hesitate to have Rocky back. 5 stars from us!

    Art Z. Laguna Niguel, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 03/22/2016

    rocky the dino was great ,everyone had a great time ,the crafts and games were fun and amazing. we would do this again !!

    Randy B. Garden Grove, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 03/21/2016

    My son and his guests had an amazing time! I mean, seriously, how cool is having a walking and roaring dinosaur at your birthday party?!!! Even our adult guests had a blast. The kids were highly entertained, occupied the whole time and my favorite part, as a teacher, the education! We had the party out in the front yard and Rocky the dinosaur literally slowed down traffic. People from down the block came to see the dinosaur. So cool! Definitely an experience to remember forever! If you have a kid who is even mildly into dinosaurs, I highly recommend using Dino Encounters.

    Sabrina L. Fullerton, CA

    Source: Yelp

  • 03/02/2016

    One of the Best Birthday parties we have ever had!! I had a birthday party for my twins and their older brother. The kids ages ranged from 3 to 12 years old. From beginning to end, the kids were completely entertained from making Dino tooth necklaces to cracking open Dino eggs(they looked and felt like rocks). Of course the highlight was a fun visit from Rocky the Dino himself. Keri and her husband put on a party with such professionalism and uniqueness. Everything was hand made from the huge triceratops bone structure to the Dino cave where the kids looked for their very own Dino fossils. If you are looking for something that you haven't seen before and want something that all kids will love, this party is it!! My kids and their friends are still talking about it. I would highly recommend to anyone. Five stars just isn't enough

    Vanessa T. Tustin, CA

    Source: Yelp